The Multiple Benefits of Installing a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

Group of young professionals talking while holding coffee cups.

Everyone associates coffee with a boost in energy and productivity, and for a good reason: science proves that a hot drinks machine in the office or workplace is a positive step in improving your staff’s effectiveness.

Having a high-quality coffee machine in the workplace brings various advantages.

Coffee is essential for most people as it’s a reliable source of energy and an excellent trick to get us on top of all the workload. Yet not all workplaces have this potent juice, and not everyone can afford the time to get out of the building and get a coffee cup on the regular.

Installing an office coffee machine means staff can be restocking their coffee levels when they wish and get back to productive goodness in one or two minutes. Being able to boost prolific results this effectively is an excellent and easy way to do it.

The benefits of having a coffee machine at work:

●      Improves Overall Productivity

A short break every few hours is proven to be a method that is essential to being productive. Drinking coffee or tea on those occasions can double this aspect and boost the energy levels for the following working hours.

Studies have also proven that providing staff with a coffee machine reduces stress in the workplace, giving everyone a positive mindset and an aid in recharging batteries. Workplace satisfaction levels will benefit from this improvement, making for a more motivated, productive and alert staff in their working hours.

●       Reduces Down Time during working hours

Not having a coffee machine indoors means employees have to leave their workstation to grab some coffee at the closest coffee shop during their shift. The closest it may be, this implies a break from 5 to 20 minutes when it could be much shorter if there were a provided coffee machine that enabled them to get their coffee and proceed with work in as little as a minute.

●      Keeps Your Staff Healthy and Well

A ‘cuppa’ is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that enhance your overall health. Likewise, it can also decrease the risk of diseases like diabetes. More than instant gratification, coffee is such a healthier alternative to a quick processed food snack. The process of making your own cup of coffee will only take you a minute or two and makes for a relaxing break before getting back to your powerful, productive self.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Health has shown that drinking coffee right before starting a task on your computer replicates pain-relieving effects. Furthermore, drinking around two cups of coffee per working day can reduce muscle pains by up to 48 per cent.

●       Improves Staff’s Mental Health

Mental well-being is such an important factor in modern society and professional environments that breeding good mental health practices will be hugely impactful in your company.

Coffee boosts not only physical health but also has a saying in improving mental welfare. Dopamine – the ‘happy hormone’ – is commonly realised by drinking a coffee cup. This makes coffee a go-to mood-enhancing brew that can lift spirits even on the harshest of days. A cup of coffee can help reduce the levels of anxiety, thus helping with those stressful times that come every once in a while, at work. We all know how work can be stressful and how stress and anxiety and other mental aspects can hinder workers’ productivity. So, having a company coffee machine is a great solution to care for employees’ mental well-being.

●       Benefits Metabolism

Science has pointed more than once to the correlation between coffee drinking and improved metabolisms. Drinking a sugar-free cup of coffee during work at your desk increases your metabolic activity, burning fat and keeping your body healthy.

●       Lifts the Workplace Atmosphere

Having an office coffee machine around does marvel in terms of having a more pleasant and relaxed working environment. A place where your teams can reunite for a cup of coffee and relax during breaks will improve the cohesion among the members of your staff and lift mood and morale in the workplace.

Moreover, as we said earlier, coffee is a powerful stimulant that fights tiredness and fatigue while lifting moods, stamina and alertness. Pairing an increase in team communication with the benefits of sharper and more productive employees makes for an undeniable balance in favour of installing a coffee machine.

●      It’s A Staff Perk

Giving your employees benefits for working in your company is a step toward gaining staff loyalty. What more efficient way is there to do it than equipping your office with a coffee machine for your employees? Surveys show that most workers agree that having free coffee machine access gives them the feel of a caring boss and a more comfortable working space.

●       Leaves A Good Impression

Many businesses imply face-to-face communication with customers daily. Enabling them access to a coffee machine to have a warm drink while they wait or even as a welcoming treat leaves the impression that your business cares for people, be it customers or staff.

●      It’s also about Rewarding Employees with Quality Coffee

Expecting great results from unmotivated employees is impossible. If you’re looking to maximise your staff force potential and get from them the best they can do for your business, it is imperative to give them the best too.

A good quality coffee machine in the workplace is a great solution to reward quality work! As soon as you have one installed in your business space, you’ll notice how excited and appreciated your employees will feel, which will result in more productivity.

If you’ve read through this article, you have realised the benefits that investing in a coffee machine for your business can provide. All the positives make it a sensible solution to improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency while lifting the general happiness in the workplace.

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