Our engineers are specially trained in the repair and maintenance of Jura coffee machines. If you experience a problem with your Jura Coffee machine please contact us and we will ensure your problem is solved quickly. We also stock a wide range of Jura consumables such as cleaning tablets, milk cleaning liquid, descaling tablets or water filters for your Jura coffee machine.
If you are experiencing operation or technical difficulties with your coffee machine at your home, your office or business feel free to phone us at 0868560057 or drop us a mail at brian@coffeesource.ie. We can solve many common faults by phone or mail to ensure you continue to enjoy and get the best from your Jura automatic bean to cup machine. You may just need advice on cleaning or de-calcifying your machine.
If we cannot resolve your problem over the phone, you can in most cases receive an estimate for any repair required before you make a decision on repair. Seldom will your machine be beyond economical repair
If your machine is working but just not as efficiently as normal you may just need a workshop service and we can quote for service based on your machine model.
If you require advice on replacing the filter, performing a cleaning cycle or descaling your machine feel free to contact us.

Contact details

· Service Centre: Send service requests to brian@coffeesource.ie
· Phone Support: 086 8560057