Restaurant environments must serve coffee that consistently tastes great, especially when footfall is high during lunchtime.

Your customers expect high-quality coffee both during their meal and afterwards, and as such, you need a reliable solution that will never disappoint. Through our specialist service and range of reliable, professional Jura machines, we will help you in your quest to serve great tasting coffee every single time.

All restaurants have their unique challenges, and so we will work with you to provide the best machine for your needs. Whether you want a coffee machine capable of handling high volumes or one that provides a barista-like flair, we can help. 

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Our Tailored Approach

Through our strong partnership with Jura, we can offer you excellent service and products for every context and space. We work together with you to create the best solution for your restaurant or bar, providing all of the necessary equipment for your space and your staff skill levels – not forgetting your customer preferences!

A professional bean-to-cup coffee machine will create the perfect blend to pair with your food menu and consistently serve high-quality coffee.

Finding The Right Equipment For You

With Coffee Source, there are lots of choices when you’re looking for your perfect equipment.

Jura’s professional bean-to-cup range can offer up to 31 different specialities and produce up to 80 cups or more each day, which means there is an option for low-volume outlets as well as busy ones. Also, the One-Touch function and a modern TFT display make operation incredibly simple, even for inexperienced users.

Whichever of Jura’s machines you choose, you will have a product with unrivalled reliability. What’s more, your coffee machine will brew its shots of espresso flavors with a refinement and delicacy that will keep customers coming back for more.

A Jura machine is the best solution for bars and restaurants, providing efficient and fast service even during peak times. Whatever business you’re in and whatever requirements you have, we can help match your business needs with the right equipment.